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T-Go Tea is the story of two companions embarking on a quest and journey of finding the origin of tea leaves and grains. With open minds, pure hearts, and weighty backpacks, we traveled to a beautiful island called Taiwan. Dated back to 1542, the main island of Taiwan was sighted by Portuguese sailors who then named it Ilha Formosa meaning "beautiful island." To uncover the riches of this marine tropical island, we started our journey from the subtropical northern regions all the way to the tropical southern mountainous regions. After a long train ride, we arrived to the south western county called Chiayi. Imprinted in our memory, is the warm early morning mist that settled upon the forest like a glimmering blanket. Feeling full of vigor and curiosity to discover the wildlife in this region, we began our hike on Mount Ali, otherwise known as Alishan. Immersed in the clear and crisp mountain air, we hiked up rocky trails and scaled past sharp cliffs to finally reach the mountain top where we saw a great bright sun rising up on a sea of clouds. Engulfed in the beauty of the breathtaking scenery, we realized this is place we have been looking for.

Following a random path down to fields of green, we stumbled into a freshly cultivated tea garden. We realized we were in the midst of hundreds of thousands of green tea leaves! Upon further scrutiny, various shapes of bug bites were imprinted onto the small leaves. Laying our hands on top of tea leaves, we lightly paddled through the garden path and saw local farmers working in the field. The tea farmers were friendly and hospitable and invited us to their home, where we were offered freshly roasted and brewed tea, picked out from the field moments ago. It was truly an authentic and original tea experience. As we drank and tasted the fragrant tea sip by sip, all the hard work and sweat from our arduous journey became as sweet as honey. Soon after finishing the last sip from our cups, we both agreed to call our adventure a: T-Go Tea experience.‎

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Tea is the product of mingling tea leaves and water.  The two elements are blended into one wholesome entity. The tea leaves and water remain distinct and are not separate from each other; thus making tea a special drink among any other drink.  At T-Go Tea, we engaged our curiosity and uncovered the origin of tea in order to bring to you the best tasting tea drinks.


The history of tea is lengthy and multifarious. It exists among different cultures over the span of thousands of years. According to the latest physical evidence found in Xian China, during the year of 2016, Han Dynasty emperors as early as the 2nd century were the ones who started tea drinking. Some people believe that tea may have been consumed earlier, specifically during the Shang dynasty. Regardless of who invented tea as a beverage, it did not take long for tea to be well-known to different parts of the world. In 1555, an Italian traveler, Giovanni Battista Ramusio, introduced tea to Europe by calling it “Chai Catai.”  During the 16th century, tea was again introduced to Portuguese merchants as “chá“ in China. During the 1650s, tea was openly introduced through coffeehouses in England. After that, British colonies in America and elsewhere began to drink tea. In the 17th century, the British initiated tea production in India, and thus further promoting tea to other continents across the world.

When discovering the origin of tea in China, we found that in Fujian province China, two step-brothers brought tea harvesting methodology and manufacturing processes to Jiayi and Nantou County, Taiwan. After discovering astounding things about Central Taiwan, my partner and I began our backpacking journey to find the protected and un-touched regions where tea could be harvested at its best and fullest potential.


During our arduous trip, we were invited to a local tea farmer’s home where we were offered freshly roasted and brewed tea. While tasting the delicious tea, the grandfather in the farmer’s home shared a story from his ancestors. Grandfather told us that the aboriginals of Central Taiwan had a habit of collecting wild camellia tree leaves to make drinks, and that is why the temperature, soil, moisture, and environment in this region produced the best tea they had ever known.


As we pondered the story, we noticed that there were many wide bamboo baskets and trays containing tea leaves inside and outside the farmer’s house. In addition, there were roasting machines in the farmer’s house. Recognizing our immense interests in the tea making process, the farmer zealously offered a tour to show us how tea is processed in order to produce delightful aromas.


For honey oolong tea, the farmer stated they let leafhoppers, ‘jassids’ nibble on leaves before the tea leaves are harvested for further processing. To farmers, jassids are actually natural helpers to oxidize the tea leaves. When jassids nibble on the edges of the leaves, the incisions open up entrances for the tea leaves to be oxidized. The tea leaves are then harvested, semi-fermented, and baked to produce a distinctive roasted honey scent as well as a sweet lingering after-taste.


For roasted oolong tea, the farmer showed how to harvest tea leaves by hand and carefully picking tea stems with two or three leaves on it.  Then, the tea leaves are roasted at a precise temperature to produce decadent roasted oolong tea that boasts a pungent and unique aroma. Interestingly, we saw that the tea liquor had a golden amber color. The farmer also told us to bring out the best flavor from honey oolong tea and roasted oolong tea, the brewing temperature had to be very high and precise.

Ultimately, the farmer shared with us three final and important sentences:


1.Green tea is un-wilted and un-oxidized.


2.Oolong tea is wilted, bruised, and partially oxidized.


3.Black tea is wilted, occasionally crushed, and fully oxidized.


Today, tea is a popular drink among people across different parts of the world. Our mission at T-Go Tea is to bring you the best quality of tea leaves, ingredients, and brewing methods in order to create tea drinks with the finest tasting sensations. We welcome you to come and experience a whole new level of tea drinking!

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